As Councilman and former Mayor and Council President I have two main agendas:
1) The daily and immediate challenges of Southfield;
2) long-term issues and concerns that are more complicated to deal with.

Asked “What are the TOP 3 things I want to accomplish as your Council Member?” One must understand that every day the plate is full. If I have to select 3 top priorities, they would be:
1) Infrastructure (roads, sewer and water) - continue Southfield’s 3 year road plan;
2) Keep Southfield financially sound and reduce taxes;
3) Public Safety – although crime is down 72% and fire runs continue to respond on average of less than 5 minutes, we must continue to seek qualified recruits to fill vacancies.

Neighborhoods are vitally important – ongoing attention must be given to our residential population, like code enforcement, rubbish pick-up, curb appeal, and safety.

In addition, focus on future economic development, Northland Mall, and the City Centre District.


Residents and visitors can take comfort in the fact that the average response time to emergencies in Southfield, is among the MOST RESPONSIVE in the nation, typically under 4 minutes!


Our Public Works Department has had the tough job of making sure that our roads were clean, snow was removed, and water main breaks were repaired during the bitter cold winter.

Lowering Taxes

Southfield has a strong AA Financial Rating by Standards and Poor's

Property Values

Real estate values are rebounding.


Our business community continues to grow with new corporations. Beaumont Hospital has moved their office to Southfield creating over 2,000 new Southfield jobs.